Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baby, it's mothereffin cold outside

Coldest December in Chicago? You don't say.

I was waiting for the bus this morning hoping my eyeballs wouldn't freeze solid when a dog sled pulled up instead of the 60. I had to get to work and Eskimos smell way better than the homeless and junkies so I hopped on.

I'm telling you, I don't care how cold it gets next month, I'm not going to eat whale blubber and I'm not sleeping with short, slanty-eyed, caribou fur-clad butterballs.

Coming soon: Why it took me nearly two weeks to post. Thanks to those of you who noticed. I appreciate it.


Jackie said...

Yes, I think I caught a similar dog-sled instead of the #65.

Those sleds just don't stop at Dunkin Donuts, though.

Good post. Nice to see you back.

Lesley said...

Glad to see you back...happy holidays!

SarahReznor said...

i did notice..

Anonymous said...

its about time.

Nikki said...

Welcome back! I missed you!

Sarah Sweeney said...

You're a mystery to me, but based on that slanty-eyed comment, I at least now I know you're not asian.