Wednesday, March 29, 2006

98 random things about yours truly

I was going to save this for my 100th post like this blogging wonder, but I could walk outside and get hit by a bus before then and, well the world will be much richer for knowing. . .

-Crossing the street is scary to me. Played too much Frogger back in the day.
-At one time I was absolutely convinced that I was going to marry JFK Jr.
-My grandma used to eat head cheese sandwiches, wash them down with buttermilk and be pissed at me when I refused to join her for lunch
-I'm really a Republican. . pysch!
-I still say Psych!
-I chew icecream and mashed potatoes
-My great grandfather used to run a zoo
-I say things like "for all intensive purposes" a lot
-My brother used to be a swiss-army carrying, num-chuk swinging, breakdancer
-I used to get my older sister in trouble and make her take me with her and friends
-I tried pot when I was 10
-My all-time favorite pet was a hamster
-I locked myself in my room for an entire Christmas break once so I could read all the Little House in the Prairie books
-I really, really like beer
-I really, really get brutal hangovers
-I have size 11 feet
-I hate shopping
-A home remedy in our house for congestion was called "Onion Syrup."
-I want my own Secret Service detail
-I have first cousins who were busted for running a meth lab out of a trailer in downstate Illinois
-I watch Reba sometimes
-I have a problem with drinking and dialing
-I didn't go to class during the duration of the William Kennedy Smith rape trial
-I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up
-I'm still mad at Al Gore for losing his own state in the 2000 election
-I wanted to be Mary Lou Retton
-I've been a bridesmaid 5,999 times
-I hate doing laundry
-I wish men would stop holstering their cell phones
-I think unless you are someone who saves lives for a living, you really should try not to take your job too seriously
-I want to time travel
-I used to fantasize about being on "Fantasy Island."
-I love movies about psychotic, obsessive women
-I wanted to be a Ob/Gyn until I realized you had to touch women's cooters
-A drunk Irishman once told me "your hair is feckin block!"
-I mercilessly flirted with my high school algebra teacher
-I have a thing for men who carry guns
-I don't believe in religion
-I like guys who have a few dents and scratches
-My friends and I used to drink outside at a place called the G-Spot
-My first dog's name was foo-foo
-I thought LBJ was handsome
-I used to be stuck on all the worst summer softball teams growing up
-I had sex in a Com-Ed substation
-I stuck my finger up the nose of the face sculpture in front of the British Museum in London and made my friends take a picture
-I use to have a crush on Hugh Downs from 20/20
-I wrote that my first grade teacher was "a fucker" on a school paper that my mom ended up finding
-I remember where I was when JFK was shot, even though I wasn't born until 1972
-I couldn't wait to download Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" on my iPod.
-The sound of cardboard scraping against cardboard freaks me out
-I made out with a married, uber-creepy Massachuesetts State Senator when I was a Washington D.C. intern
-I'm afraid of escalators, sorta
-I interviewed Harold Ramis for my college newspaper and said, "Man you had some big hair in Stripes."
-I pee in the shower
-I love peanut butter and jelly
-I smoke when I drink
-I wish I could speak Spanish
-I envied my sister because she made better mud-pies than I did
-I want to live abroad
-When I say something funny, I make a point of telling people just how funny I am
-I hate people who listen to NPR just so they can say "I heard . . . on NPR."
-I hate people who say they don't watch TV.
-I drink way too much coffee
-I think there's nothing worse than being described as being a "sweet girl."
-I'm crazy enough to think America will survive George Bush
-I called in sick the day after seeing "Titanic"
-I taped Janet Jackson videos and tried to learn her moves
-I think Gene Hackman is sexy
-I almost never floss
-I'm afraid to dive into water
-I'm perpetually running 15 minutes late
-I talk to my plants
-I love love LOVE celebrity gossip
-I'm afraid to walk over grates in the sidewalk
-I lost my virginity on September 8, 1989
-I constantly wear white socks with dark shoes
-I believe in God
-I have really, really bizarre dreams 5 nights a week
-I'd like to get a cat, but if I did I'd have a cat
-I don't believe in soul mates
-I think every girl should be kissed by a man who knows what he's doing at least once in her life. And by kiss, I mean. . .
-I believe in ghosts
-I'm getting a boob-lift when I turn 40
-I was one of two students who won a dollar for reciting all the states and capitals on the last day of 3rd grade
-While dissecting a fetal pig senior year in highschool, the teacher looked at my butchered specimen and said, "Someone's not going to be a surgeon."
-I'm incredibly near-sighted
-I knew I was a grown up when I realized that awful things can happen to people I love
-I love living in Chicago
-I hate living in Chicago
-I think it's ok to be impatient, disorganized, and dreamy
-I hate it when Latina newscasters over pronounce their last names. It's obnoxious. You can roll your R's. We got it.
-My dentist thinks I'm funny
-I think I'll be ok if I never get married
-I pick my nose sometimes
-I eat standing up, right out of the pan quite often
-I watch Simpsons reruns twice a day, almost every day
-I'm afraid to do what I really want to do
-I can't believe how hard it is to come up with 98 things about yourself!

Thank you, and good night


you-know-who said...

You rock, dude! This is my favorite entry so far. I'm a little upset about the God thing, but I'll still be your friend :)

Anonymous said...


I have to agree this has to be the best entry.

SuburbanMom said...

Whee! That was a lot! Very interesting facts, I have been friends with you for 20 years and I can honestly say I learned a few things in reading your facts!!

Justin K. said...

Best blog ever man.

Iwanski said...

Hilarious entry. The cat line was the best.

I, too, share your anger at Al Gore. How big of a putz do you have to be to lose your own state? Arrghh... Honestly, it's been six years now and my blood pressure still goes up immediately when I think about 2000 election.

But, anyway, funny, funny, funny today!

I cannot, however, overlook the fact that you watch Reba. You really should have that looked at.

SarahReznor said...

dude, this is awesome, i'm not dome with it yet but you're awesome! i totally get the i hate living in chicago i love living in chicago thing, i feel the same way about jerusalem.

SarahReznor said...

Of course you hate shopping if you’re afraid of escalators!

I hate people who say they don't watch TV too – like they’re better than us!!!

You cool :)

Sarah Sweeney said...

Angela, I'm getting married. Will you be my bridesmaid? The lucky fella: Christopher Walken.

Sarah Sweeney said...

Did you make out with Ted Kennedy? He's so drunk, he doesn't know his name is Edward.