Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Political Junkie gets her fix

Right now my body temp is about 60 degrees as I've been standing outside since 7 am on this blustery primary election day handing out some stuff to urge people to vote for this one guy.

And the last two nights I was one of those annoying people who call other people at their homes and tell them they should vote for who I tell them to. It turns out I'm quite good at this. While others around me slammed the phone down in frustration, I whizzed through my lists giggling with voters and telling them things like, "Abigail is a beautiful name." The cheeseball campaign guy said aloud when I turned in my lists, "We've got ourselves a rock star here! Mike, she's a rock star!"

Whatever dude.

I've put myself through this just about every election since I was 18. Why? Because I have to. It's like a sport to me. It's fun.

More on this Thursday. My post-election hangover should wear off by then. Thawing out however, is a different story.


SarahReznor said...

i admire you - i just dont care anymore.

t2ed said...

Are you going to be singing lead for INXS now? Or do you mean another kind of rock star?

You are, however, the reason I never answer the phone. God bless you for being part of our political process. Now take me off your list, please.

Anonymous said...

What election? Did I miss something?