Friday, March 31, 2006

Holy Balls this is funny!

Today YouTube, tomorrow Sundance!

If you have five minutes and one second to spare, I implore you to check out this kid's one man reanactment of a scene from The Princess Bride. Here's what the budding director/actor had to say:

Holy balls, this one took a while to finish, mainly because of the size. It clocked in as a whole gig when I had it as an .AVI. This is the "Battle of Wits" scene from The Princess Bride. A mysterious man in black has been chasing three criminals who have kidnapped a princess. He has beaten a swordsman and a giant. Now all that's left is outsmarting the genius of the group, Vizzini, in a battle of wits.

You can also find this at Bored For Now, where Madison Sinclair posted it, and where I found it because I'm a devotee of their blog and frequent it, well frequently.


Anonymous said...

Very strange.

Iwanski said...

I love that scene.

Love it.

This guy must be the only person in the world who has ever perfected a Wallace Shawn impression.