Friday, March 17, 2006

Operation Blow Smoke up America's Ass

It's rather unfortunate that mainstream American media devours Bush propaganda like a starving dog would a steak. This on "Operation Swarmer" from BBC World:

The operation near the town of Samarra is not as huge as has been suggested, correspondents say. Local people say there has been little if any combat.

The troops carrying out the operation are said to have detained about 40 suspects but 17 of these were later released. The joint US and Iraqi force said it had captured a number of weapons caches, containing shells, explosives and military uniforms.

The Iraqi foreign minister said the aim was to stop insurgents from turning the town into a stronghold. But a senior Sunni Arab politician criticised the operation, which came a day after the new Iraqi parliament met for its inaugural session.

"[The US forces] are surprising us with meaningless acts at the time Iraqis are looking forward to the first session of the parliament, preferring the political solution, not the military one," Saleh al-Mutleq told Reuters news agency.

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