Monday, February 06, 2006

They're not the only ones watching you

Patriot Act got you down? Did you ever consider that bloggers, like the NSA, don't need any frivolous warrant to eavesdrop on your cell phone conversations or watch your every, seemingly mundane move? Be warned: what you do, wear, who you talk to, how you walk, what you smell like, what you order in a restaurant--all this and more could end up on some blog.

When I'm out among the masses alone, for the most part my attention is squarely on my internal dialogue. It's pretty fast paced, and frequently unintelligible so I have to focus to not miss a word. But with this whole blog thing, I have to admit I can became hyper aware of people around me. A girl needs her blog material, what can I say.

And hey, it goes both ways. I too could have become blog fodder. If I looked hard enough, I might just stumble upon the following blog passages.

Guest's blog from a wedding I was in last summer:

". . and then out of no where, this bridesmaid tackled the bride to the ground! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own two eyes."

UIC student blog from Chinatown riding the #8 northbound:

"Again this morning, she's fumbling for money and balancing a zillion things trying to get on the bus--coffee, bags, and a CD WALKMAN that looks like someone walking her dog found in an alley somewhere. She might as well have a ghetto blaster on her shoulder. It's called an Ipod, old lady. Look into it."

2nd floor apartment dweller/video game lover in Pilsen:

"I love my video games, and I love 'em loud. My upstairs neighbor (who's stunning by the way) apparently has a problem with it. She knocked on my door around midnight one Saturday night last month when I was in a total gaming frenzy. I didn't come to the door though. What if she's planning to take me somewhere and kill me?"

Dell customer service dude:

"What part of 30 days from shipment doesn't this customer understand? Her many sad, yet eloquent emails haunted me. I put her rebate through."

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