Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My office husband and I are having problems

Well now, we couldn't be happier. But there was that rough patch last week when we realized we went an entire Monday without dishing the weekend.
"Weekend?" he said, on Tuesday when we crossed paths at the color printer. "We didn't talk yesterday?"
"You were being a little stand-offish," I said with a wink.
I guess an entire eight hours without talking to him affected me because later in the week when we were alone in the kitchen, he said I was being mean to him. Perhaps a little less friendly, maybe, but not mean, I thought.
I'm just not ready for an office marriage, you know?
But I assured him he was crazy and we were soon back to our usual routine of goofball back and forth banter in his office, waves, little glances in the hall, and lingering chit chat at the color printer. Today I asked him if my breath smells like almonds, because I was just eating almonds, and he told me not to touch his client's report with my greasy hands.
This has got to be the dorkiest post ever. But jobs are boring and stupid and crushes make it a little less boring and stupid. Today when he called me "Ang" for the first time, I got a little stomach flip.
Maybe it was the almonds.


Anonymous said...

I'm lost - when did you get married dude? You mean I missed the party?

t2ed said...

If he goes above and beyond to get your favorite Herr's potato chips, then he's your density.