Sunday, October 07, 2007

What a race!

First off, a big time, HUGE ASS, congratulations to my friends Maria and Cathy who finished today's Chicago Marathon. You're insane and you rock.

Man it was so hot. And so crazy with police helicopters flying overhead telling people to stop. Runners were eyeing the water you had saved for your friends, and then looking at you like you were sending them to their deaths (I swear I gave it away after Cathy and Maria were on to mile 24). Rusty and I saw this guy (not in this photo here-this is from being taken away on a stretcher with an oxygen mask and his eyes rolled back into his head. Scary shit. This weather took a terrible toll on these runners, no question.

People will have lots to say about what happened. Not enough water, not enough gatorade, the city did the right thing by calling the race, the city shouldn't have cancelled it, people were reckless for continuing. . . yeah, Chicago will be abuzz tomorrow.

But after a long day in that sun, cheering them on, and getting from stop to stop, you understood a little why these maniacs decide to run 26.2 miles through one of the greatest cities on this planet.

Any answer you needed was in the look on their faces once they caught a glance of that finish line.


Airamay said...

Angie and the rest of the cheering crew were awesome! Thanks for taking the death threats and holding on to the water for me!

t2ed said...

The cop who died was from my town. And yes, I did see a Chicago Police Cruiser up here for the funeral today. Parked illegally.

The funeral was right around the corner from my house. A major clusterfuck right at lunchtime. Some blonde talking head from one of the tv stations was doing an onsite, so I honked as I went by to snafu her take.

I love this country.