Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pigeons are a menace!

This here's a post about pigeons.

This morning on the el I was pretty much in my stuffy head and runny nose induced haze when we pulled into Clark and Lake. I noticed one of the warming shelters on the platform appeared to be carpeted by fat and toasty pigeons while human CTA passengers had to brave the elements on their own, without the benefit of those french fry lights.

I was telling Rusty about what I saw and she shared a story about a run-in she had earlier with a pigeon. She described how she was walking down the street, in the middle of the sidewalk when she noticed a pigeon coming toward her. Whatever, she thought, she'll mind her own business and he'll mind his. But as she got closer, he continued to walk straight toward her. She moved closer to the buildings; he moved closer to the buildings. She moved closer to the street; he moved closer to the street. I'm no pigeon-whisperer, but it seems to he was trying to run her into traffic.

"I was playing chicken with the pigeon," she said. And she won.


Anonymous said...

pigeons are nothing but flying rats!

Miss Healthypants :) said...

Hey, remember me?! *smiles* I just found your blog again!--glad to see you're posting again sometimes!! :)

-Miss Healthypants (wife of

Anonymous said...

pigeons are not bad. imagine a world of giant dogs just shitting at random. are you taking december off?

Anonymous said...

Playing chicken with a pigeon--classic. At least she won.

(I came over here from T2ed's blog)

Qweezy said...

seriously, how about another post? i don't think i can take another look at that picture