Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dressing appropriately for the weather

Winter took a little vakay from Chicago the past couple of days when the temps went above 60, and every last flake of snow melted. While it was a welcomed reprieve from typical January weather, I just about needed a U-Haul to tote all the possible gear I'd need to be prepared for any further fluctuations.

Umbrella, check. Coat that won't feel like you're carrying a soggy dog around on your back if it gets wet and will fit in your bag if you get too hot walking from the L to your office, check. Layered clothing because you know your office will be a sweltering 90 degrees, check. Gloves and hat in case the temperature takes a surprising 40 degree dip between lunch and quitting time, check. You get the idea. It's kind of a pain.

Every year I'm good for a few days each season where I'm not quite grasping the concept of dressing appropriately for the weather. It took a couple of winters here before I came to understand the importance of wearing a hat from November to March. There was a time when March 1st meant Angie's spring has sprung, knee deep snow and the threat of pneumonia be damned, I was downsizing from a bulky winter coat. And then there are the polyester leisure suits I like to crack out in late August.

So anyway, we're getting back to normal and I'm glad. Climate change is spooky. We're Chicagoans and it's winter for crying out loud. We're supposed to have cracked, bleeding hands and static electricity in our hair. The "Caution: Falling Ice" signs are everywhere with nary an icicle to fall and pierce an unsuspecting pedestrian's skull.

God help us, everyone.


t2ed said...

I miss all the good things in the Midwest: ice storms, foreclosures, violent crime, hating our sports teams.

I'm a man, I can change, if I have to, I guess.

Bi-polar weather is fun!

Bloggersations said...

I'm posting about this topic tomorrow and how girls don't dress appropriately in Chicago for the weather -- thanks for posting on this! Yay Chicago!

Bloggersations said...

Thank you for posting about this -- I am planning on doing a post tomorrow in my blog about dressing appropriately for the weather (in Chicago).