Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dream Team?

Note: I totally broke my blog. I think I have a copy of the old template. . . but I digress. Here's a post I was trying to put up last night.

Last night I went to bed before it was clear that HRC had picked up both Texas and Ohio. I left the internet up on my computer and around 3 a.m was snapped out of my slumber by that tell tale "click." had updated the site and was calling for me. I got up and checked out the latest, got some water, went pee and thought to myself before going back to bed, "Geez Louise, this is gonna go on forever! Maybe they should just team up already!"

Crazy, huh? Well, I was sleepy. But maybe it's not such a bad idea. I've personally worked through a number of my anti-Obama issues, and stuff like HRC's 3 a.m. ad (demagoguery isn't very ladylike, girl) bummed me out so perhaps what this Democrat needs to be happy is a combination of the two.

Things could be worse. We have two very ambitious, intelligent and capable candidates with nearly identical political agendas that could put this country back on a refreshing path. If HRC was the Vice Presidential candidate, she could help Barack end things with Obama girl (no break up sex!) and give him tips on how to handle prying reporter questions about shady real estate dealings. HRC could also tell Ellen, "No thank you," the next time she wants Obama to come on the show to dance. Now if Barack is the Vice Presidential candidate, he can teach HRC how to play nice (or at least nicer), keep Bill busy by challenging him to frequent charm-offs (like who can get Campbell Brown or Chris Matthews to swoon first), and if she freaks out the Canadians on NAFTA, he can call them and tell them she didn't really mean what she's saying, that it's just politics and then ask them about how they do their healthcare.

I have to weigh in on McCain before I sign off. Is it me, or is this guy missing that fire-in-the-belly thing that you'd hope someone who's running for President would have. He's got this Bob Dole stink about him. I have a lot of respect for the guy, but it kind of seems like the mere fact that he's got the nomination is enough for him. After the shit his own party's thrown at him, it's a sort of "You like me! You really like me!" moment.

Anyway, that's probably why our two yokels are going at it like they are. Because one of them is so going to win this thing.

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Nicki said...

yes! That's exactly what it is! That stink of Bob Dole! Only scarier!