Sunday, March 09, 2008

Live blogging

This guy is ready to party. I'm live blogging not from a debate, or a primary, but from my dinner party that was populated by seven of my girlfriends, four of whom are passed out right now.
It's early. It's late. Who knows. With this daylight savings thing, I really have no idea what time it is. Oh, my computer is saying it is 4:45 a.m. . . wowza.
So I'm drunk. But I want to talk about this guy. Check out this You Tube video of Paul Potts, and I dare you not to cry.

1 comment:

t2ed said...

I'm sure there is no connection between your intoxication and your bloggy broken-ness.

Dammit, Ray. I told you not to think about anything. I really thought that was a shot from the actual flick when I first looked at it. You must have a really big table.