Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Don't make me slap you!

Who is this mystery man who slapped and pulled the hair of an Astro player’s wife? Ozzie Guillen says he wants to have some quality time alone with him in the dugout to even the score since the Biggios aren’t pressing charges.

This idiot wasn’t there to watch the game obviously. Getting loaded and knocking a broad around takes time and focus. Was he a disgruntled misogynist Cubs fan off his meds? Or maybe he was some Canaryville wifebeater who sold one of his kids for a ticket. Whatever the case, I think it’s hilarious that this wife chased the guy down and apprehended him herself with the help of her brother.

Sounds like they handled it just fine.

The Astros say that although they know this behavior isn’t indicative of an entire city of nearly 3 million (uh y’all think?) Chicagoans should be embarrassed just the same.

Sorry Houston, I’m not all that embarrassed. I’m certainly not proud either, but I didn’t slap her and it’s not like I’m related to the guy (well at least I think I’m not.) So my conscious is clean. And besides, I’ve got PLENTY of my own drunken antics to be embarrassed about. I can’t be taking on someone else’s.

By the way, there are a lot of awful things that happen every day in this city. Getting slapped by a drunk asshole doesn’t really rank.


Barbara Bush said...

Sox Fans better stay away from Patty down at Minute Maid. I've got her back, man.

the doorguy said...

I will agree that a lot of bad things happen. Guys smacking women are very rarely seen where I am.

Then again, it's usually guys grabbing a handful of this and that. Losers everywhere...

Interesting blog you got going on here so far. Hope you don't mind me popping in occasionally to see how it goes.