Monday, May 22, 2006

Why you gotta be down on Opie?

I think everyone owes Opie Cunningham an apology. I saw Da Vinci Code yesterday, and it wasn't so bad. I, infact liked it, didn't love it or anything like that, but liked it. Just a perfectly respectable movie based on an O.K. book that had a very interesting premise. Tom Hanks' hair deserved a one-star demotion to be sure, and I'm personally not a fan of French accents. But other than that, I find this backlash curious.

I honestly don't know what's worse--people who can't bear anything resembling a challenge to their religion, or the critics/literati/know it all's who can't let me read crap books and see preposterous films in peace without trying to make me feel dumb.

The negative buzz leading up to the Da Vinci Code opening made me think of an old classmate from my days at Columbia. Catherine--a hyperactive, narcissistic cinematography student--told our seminar one day about how horrified she was when she went to see Moulin Rouge and a few middle-aged women were bad mouthing the film afterwards. She proudly declared to everyone, "And I told them, 'YOUR IGNORANCE IS BLINDING!'" The class seemed stunned.

"I fucking hated that movie. I couldn't finish it," I said.

And then I shot the sniveling little bitch.


angelatee said...

I thought I'd at least get a comment on the History of the World Last Supper.


emma kaufmann said...

I don't get all the outrage either. But some people are like, wow, you mean Jesus actually ejaculated, how frightfully blasphemous even to think it!

Vanderbilt Ignoble said...

I loved the review at It's pretty vicious.