Saturday, January 20, 2007

And She's Off!

Ok, so now that it's happened I guess I am a tiny weeny bit excited about a Hillary Clinton candidacy. Maybe it's all this reading I've been doing about FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman who's so completely my idol now. (sorry Ugly Betty)

I just loathe the name Hillary.

Seriously. Hillary? President Hillary? A Hillary can't be President.

Would it turn off the electorate if she changed her name to something like Golda or Margaret or Geraldine? I'm not hating on her because she's a woman and I'm projecting some sort of self loathing on a sister. If there was a Ned, or a Carl, a Donald, a Reginald, hell, I'd be bitching about that as well.

And does anyone else think it was kind of corny that she announced on her Web site instead of a press conference. Like, isn't she so with it in this age of blogs and U Tube or whatever.

Lame and transparent, I say. Web casts and live chats doesn't change the fact that she and her pals voted for the war in the first place.

But it is kind of cool to see her running just the same.


Anonymous said...

I too am more excited than I expected to be at the not-so-shocking news that Hillary is running (ahem ... forming an exploratory committee -- same freakin' thing).

Never really thought about the name, but I think that the three names with the inclusion of "Rodham" adds a certain amount of needed gravitas, no?

Anonymous said...

I just like the thought of her having to sit at that desk in the Oval Office and knowing what went on there.

That and the fact that Bill may one day be known as the First Gentleman.

Plus, I'll bet she'd hire some totally hot interns just to mess with him.