Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Famous Angies

There's Angie Dickinson from "Police Woman." I used to always confuse her with Dinah Shore when I was little.

Then there's Angie Bowie who as many know is the inspiration for the Rolling Stone's "Angie". However,I do remember her appearing on Geraldo Rivera's show back in the day and saying it was actually written for David Bowie. Apparently Mick and David used to get it on. That, I'm sure, was quite a sight. I'm eating lunch as I write this, and yes. . . I think I'm done.

Contempary Angies include Angie Everhart who comes off like a dirty skank, although she is pretty for a redhead (just kidding Janel). And there's Angie Harmon-Sehorn. Again, very pretty but I do remember her whining about the Sehorns being lone Republicans in Hollywood and no one would invite them to play their reindeer games. Get over it. And Sehorn proposing to Angie on Leno was a little cheesy.

A fictional Angie I remember is Donna Pescow in the 70's T.V. show, "Angie." The show starred the zany pilot from "Airplane" and the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond.

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