Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shut up and give me something to blog about!

Help me, please help me!


ideas-r-us said...

the trade show?

life after Dugan's?

ugmo, face lift, richard dreyfus, the family, rudy guiliani, tan tim, et al.?

Madison Sinclair said...

Hmm... perhaps you can post about the decline in Karate and martial arts as it relates to the rise of non-karate and non-martial arts related crimes. I'm no Scientist, but I do know a few algorythms that almost definitely make a relevant correlation.

Sarah Sweeney said...

You can post about how great you are at replying to emails. No, I'm not bitter! Richard Dreyfus is a goodie... what kind of a name is "Dreyfus" anyway?

t2ed said...

a) What kind of baby gift Jen is going to give to Angelina for at the shower.

b) Why is Kroger radio not available on XM radio?

c) Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing when fat and slim are opposites?

d) What do you use to get a stain of club soda out of clothing?

e) Is the correct term "cracker" or "crackuh?"

f) If you're talking to yourself and ask a rhetorical question, should you just shut up?

And I'll do just that now.

Vanderbilt Ignoble said...

egg sandwiches

Madison Sinclair said...

Does club soda stain? I know club sandwiches do.

benedict xvi said...

You've been blogging for six months and you're already out of ideas?

Ask yourself this, "What would Jesus blog?"

angelatee said...

I feel loved. Thanks for the ideas. And I can't believe the new scary looking Pope stopped by! I just might return to Mass by golly!

I've put all the suggestions in the new Ronco Blogomatic and expect a new, inspired post within the next 12 hours.

t2ed said...

"What Would Jesus Blog?" is my new catch phrase/t-shirt craze.

Thanks, Benny. You really do sit at the hand of God.

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