Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Let's just get this over with, shall we?

So against my better judgment, I watched Frontline's The Dark Side last night. At this point, I pretty much try to avoid aggravating myself further over the Iraq war and the lies that brought us in to it.

Color me a glutton for punishment. Since I knew it would be tough to watch, I lit some incense and got the yoga mat out (no need to have a stroke now) for some downward dog and an earful of how a drunk Iraqi code named "Curve Ball" was the lone source for the adminstration's WMD claims.

I was left with a couple of questions for the smarty pants Frontline producers and the former CIA folks. A-Does it really matter anymore that top level CIA brass are tripping over themselves to get on camera and tell us that thousands of U.S. soldiers died for bullshit and make believe? And two-Gentlemen, for godsakes, where were you when we needed ya?

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