Sunday, June 04, 2006

What you can accomplish during a virtually alcohol free weekend

1. All laundry can be washed and put away--even that old flannel sheet you just found stuffed in a beach bag and thrown in the back of a closet at the end of last summer.

2. Copious amounts of restful sleep can be had. (Sleeping it off isn't really sleep kiddies)

3. You can download this song off of iTunes, a song that used to send you and your friends into a beer-fueled frenzy whenever it was played. With my big black boots and an old suitcase, indeed.

4. You will actually attempt and mostly succeed in eating healthy, regular meals.

5. You can dust your bookshelves and remind yourself of the all the books you still have to read like, What If? Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been. What if I actually read that book?

6. You can pretend you're a serious career woman and monitor your company's new search engine marketing campaign and web visits (Da man better not get used to THAT, believe you me.)

7. You can trek up to the Lincoln Park Home Depot's roof top garden and buy your flowers for your window boxes. You can also get your tomato plants and herbs that you'll put on your fire escape so when you lean out to water them, hot neighbor will call up to you and say, "Hey, this is just like West Side Story!"

8. You can get up early on a Sunday and have time to mop wood floors that had become to look like packed earth, get coffee and the paper, and still have time and energy to meet friends for lunch and the Printers Row Book Fair.

9. You can make pesto that has way too much garlic and even freeze some like the magazines tell you to. You can make a solemn vow to make pesto all summer with the aforementioned basil plant that is growing on your fire escape.

10. You can plan what you're going to do during your next not-in-the-least-bit alcohol free weekend!


t2ed said...

If you're doing SEM and webmetrics on a weekend, you really need to get your drink on. You seriously had your geek on last weekend.

angelatee said...

I love you T2ed! EVERYONE I LOVE T2ED!

I had my geek on. . . . funny shit.

And speaking of geek, how did you bold "really"? Are you using html in your comments?

Anonymous said...


t2ed said...

Yes, indicative of my geekiness I actually know HTML tagging. That and how to use DOS commands marks me as a geek who is well past his prime. But 40 is the new 30 according to all the old hipster doofuses (or is that doofi).

In my defense, I do not live in my parents' basement and I have kissed a real, live girl not related to me by either blood or marriage.

SarahReznor said...

everyone needs an alcohol free weekend once in a while to get ready for another alcohol soacked weekend! i dont think you're a geek (but that's just coz i'm one too...)

Iwanski said...

Enjoy having some boze next weekend.

(Angelatee callback joke referencing an entry from weeks ago! Two points for me!)