Saturday, October 21, 2006

All politics is loco

I've truly had it with campaign commercials. They're obnoxious, over-the-top, and I can't believe anyone would seriously consider them a viable resource to help make a decision at the polls.

But wouldn't it be awesome if we could produce commercials to help our own personal causes--like snag a love interest, get a new job, or sway a blog reader to choose your site over another? Read on.

Let's say I was trying to steal readers away from Justin. (Imagine serious, dark male voice reading the copy--you the know the same guy who seems to do the voice over for all political commercials everywhere.)

Justin Kaufman will do just about anything for a laugh.
He supports amnesty for illegal aliens, consorts with so-called "pimps" and "ho's",
and has appeared semi-nude several times on stage.
Justin Kaufman. Just what is he thinking?
Show Justin the joke's on him.
Send him a message on November 7th by clicking Blogdiggidy on his list of links.

Perhaps I'm trying to a sway a guy to choose me over another girl?

Suzy says she wasn't picking out china patterns after date two, but isn't this Suzy at Macy's with a known Chicago wedding coordinator?
Suzy says she's cool with you hanging out with your friends whenever, but isn't this Suzy crying on the shoulder of her roomate when you said you didn't want to come over?
Suzy says a lot of things.
Just who is the real Suzy?
Vote Angie Tee on November 7th by texting "you up for xoxox?" to 773-322-XXXX
What if it's down to me and another candidate for a job?
Sure George has 10 years experience working in public adminstration,
but let's look at exactly what George was administering.
You guessed it. Final Four office pools, after work happy hours,
and alka seltzer smoothies to get him through morning meetings.
Party Boy George a good fit for this job? Think again.
Reaffirm your committment to office decorum on November 7th by saying yes to Angie Tee.

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