Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogdiggidy Exclusive! More Foley IM transcripts

This is going to get me the Pulitzer. I'm sure of it.

MAF54: Did you measure?

HAS1: Foley, it's me, Dennis.

MAF54: Doh! How pissed are you? LOL

HAS1: So not funny. No ideas on how to get out of this . . .

MAF54: I got a couple

HAS1: Well?

MAF54: Say when you heard I liked minors, you thought they meant miners.

HAS1: Don't think so. .

MAF54: You know. . . like miner rights?

HAS1: Understood. Even Rove's stumped.

MAF54: When you start on IM?

HAS1: My grandson showed me

MAF54: Is he hot?


MAF54: Seriously . . . the miners. Those accidents were terrible.

HAS1: Don't think it would work.

MAF54: I was doing research for the online protection bill?

HAS1: Are you drunk. . . lol

MAF54: hammered

HAS1: we need help. . this could be the big one

MAF54: Gotta go

HAS1: Why?

MAF54: No just got copy of TAPS from netflix ;-) badaBING!


angelatee said...

I've never IM'd in my life. I'm guessing the sentences aren't this long?

jo said...

@angelatee: Depends on your typing speed. And: typically (at least in my experience) an IM-"conversation" tends to deteriorate over time when you have 2 seperate dialogues going on at the same time with A answering sentence n from B while B is answering sentence m from A and soon everything gets pretty confusing, especially if you're not 100% focussed.

Anonymous said...

Why don't Congressmen use bookmarks?

They just bend over the pages.