Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Frizzy, Bushy Mullet That Once Rocked My World

Yesterday, I did the unthinkable. I downloaded a Richard Marx song off of iTunes.

I hadn't thought about Mr. Marx since I was like 15, but after reading this story in Sunday's Tribune, it all came rushing back like the emotion one feels when they hear a sweet Richard Marx ballad.

In the spring of 1988, my first concert experience was a Richard Marx show at the Peoria Civic Center Theater. I guess I was a big fan. I had a big poster of him--purchased at Spencers--hanging in my bedroom.

A few of us went, and our friend Julie's dad drove us. He had a buddy tag along, and the pair went to strip club after dropping us off which is a little creepy. So last night I tried-frantically even--to find the ticket stub for this post--I've had it for years--but all I could find was crap like a campaign poster signed by Teresa Heinz Kerry. I figured I didn't need proof. Because who would make this up, right?

So anyway, I guess now Richard is quite the accomplished country music song writer who doesn't want anyone to know in what Chicago suburb he lives. It was a very informative piece. I was surprised to learn Richard wrote an N'Sync song in the 90s --a song I secretly--ok-- openly loved, and I downloaded it as well. (My friends were aware that I liked N-Sync then, but they never knew just how much. I thought Lance Bass was the cute one.)

Make fun if you wish. But I will defend the genius of Endless Summer Nights to the end. It was the best 99 cents I've ever spent.

And Richard, you're right. Summer DID come and leave without a warning--it was fucking cold today. All at once you looked and I was gone, you say? Well I had to move on to other music like Poison and Bon Jovi. Now I'm looking back at you, yes because of that Tribune article. I'm searching for a way that we can be like we were before? I guess that's true because I did have to search for you on iTunes. The city doesn't look the same, I agree. Like I said, it's really cold today. But you don't need to give your life, that's a little dramatic. I will, infact hold you tight, and take you there again--metaphorically though. I remember how I loved you, that's why I put you on my blog. All we had back then was time until that day we said goodbye? Richard, are you trying to make me cry? Yes, I remember every moment of those endless summer nights too! You remember those walks along the beaches? Me too! My hair glistened in the sun? Ok. Um, I don't remember you making love to me under the moon though, I was like 15 dude. Yes, there were a lot of nights we spent in silence, because that's about when I started drinking. So you're saying now we can have it all again? And you want me to say this when? When the sun brings my heart to yours? Uh, wha? And I can't run away from what we had together? Can we slow things down, Richard? And I'm sorry, but it can't be only you and me tonight, well unless you want to watch Grey's Anatomy and the Office.


SuburbanMom said...

This is ABSOLUTELY hilarious! I love the 'conversation' between you and Richard in the end, you are truly a talented person - now get your ass on Saturday Night Live dude! I know you have the stuff, everyone knows you have enouhg stories!!

Anonymous said...

Stuff like this don't mean nothing. You should know better than to think you can hold on to the nights.

Yes, I'm ashamed I still know all those.

Do you think the Marx's always watch Dirty Dancing when it's on cable endlessly?

Running Dummy said...
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Running Dummy said...

You thought Lance Bass was the cute one. Jokes on you, I guess - isn;t he the one that just came out of the closet?
Really though, this is funny shit. I second Suburbanmom's comment. You don't need no stinkin' Second City class to teach you how to write funnies. Just bite the bullet and get started on the script/novel/short story or whatever it is that's brewing in that slightly unhinged brain of yours.

angelatee said...

God is punishing me. I cannot get the song out of my head. It could also have something to do with the fact that I've listened to it like 30 times over the last two days.

A friend did tell me she was glad I've finally come to grips with being a Richard Marx lover.

Anonymous said...

If you secretly love Richard, doesn't that make you a Marxist?