Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm throwing my support behind this hottie

Dennis Kucinich is running for president, again. I know next to nothing about him except that he couldn't deliver Ohio in 2004. So he's dead to me. He's also got those weird eyes like Jim Lehrer that creep me out.

And can someone explain the Obama thing to me? Two minutes in the Senate and a better-than-average speech at the 2004 convention and he can be President? Overlord Oprah's endorsement aside, I'm so waiting this one out. And as his constituent I have no idea what he's accomplished for Illinois.


Iwanski said...

The media has spent 2 years building Obama up.

You know that that means. There's only one thing they love more than building someone up, and that's tearing them back down.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd actually be disappointed in him if Obama won. I like him and I think he has some good (if not a little vague) ideas, but he hasn't finished the job he said he wanted in the first place.

I kind of wish Gore would run again.


angelatee said...

Yeah, I think Obama's playing into someone hands--exactly whose I don't know. Whoever's advising him to run around and act like a goofball (heeeello, last night's Football thing?) needs to lose their job. He's too good for that stuff. He's a brilliant, charismatic man. But he needs to be our Senator for a spell.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Dennis' spock like ears and way short height.