Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sorry HRC, I can't support you anymore

I was perusing my blog archives and came across a post from a year ago where I had endorsed Otto, the inflatable pilot from Airplane! and incumbent president in Angerica (the country inside my head). In case you forgot, here's a bit on where he stands:

Don't let the uniform fool you. Otto is pretty liberal. He supports gay marriage and universal health care. He's still smarting from the time when Reagan fired his air traffic controller buddies in the 80s, so he's a union man through and through. He does have a bit of a problem with the hootch, but he's working on it. Made out of vinyl, Otto is 100 percent committed to finding a way to turn back global warming. His carbon footprint is non existent, because most nights he's deflated and placed in his handy carrying pouch. There's no sprawling, energy guzzling mansion to explain here. He did, however have an affair during Bill Clinton's impeachment trial. But we got his goomad to promise to keep her trap shut. He wasn't a POW like McCain, but he was MIA from 1998-2001. Someone left him in a cabana at a pool party and he was mistaken for a toy. He was sold at a garage sale for a quarter, and ended up on ebay where he was rescued. He doesn't like to talk about it."

Otto has been running a pretty clean campaign, compared to his opponent, Eleanor Abernathy, aka, the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons. She lasted for about five minutes in the first and only debate. She kept throwing cats at the audience and was fairly incoherent. No one really knows where she stands.
So as you can see, I'll do just about anything to entertain myself these days. Sure, I gotta do some warm up writing before delving into 2nd city homework, but I have to say it's a little sad and lonely not yet having caught Obamaphilia yet. Ask anyone who knows me--I love fevers and bandwagons! Maybe if I make out with an Obama supporter, I can catch it! Oh, I know, it's not like mono. It's just that here in Camp Buzzkill, it's all mixed messages, primary losses, threats of shady backroom deals and fingerpointing about who copied whose speech. That ain't no fun.

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Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL!! Otto RULES! I would have voted for him in a heartbeat!