Friday, November 11, 2005

The dumbasses at Fox kill Arrested Development

You know how once in a while a really funny, smart, and original T.V. show comes on and immediately hooks you? You try not to get attached though, because you know good shows always die. Especially on the network that brings you the O.C. and Bill O'Reilly.

Goodbye Arrested Development! It was fun while it lasted.

And Fox? Go scratch.


'p' is for profound said...

hey, I love the OC! i'm sad to say that is the only show i watch.

what? i needed a good soap opera, and i work during the day, ok?

angelatee said...

That's ok P. I'm just mad right now. I've never seen the OC so I shouldn't slam it.

What if I have to wait another 17 years to see Jason Bateman again?

angelatee said...

Buster. . . what will happen to Buster? ?

Doesn't anyone watch this show? Hello? Uh, guess that explains the cancellation.

JC said...

Jason Bateman is hot!!

t2ed said...

I actually cursed out loud when I heard the news.

I can't imagine why another network (hello, Comedy Central) wouldn't pick this up. I hope they at least get to finish some filming so the third season can be completely on DVD.

Anonymous said...

BATEMAN is a loser just like the show. THE OC RULES!!