Sunday, November 13, 2005

Love in the time of Avian Flu

Just saw Pride and Prejudice (loved it!) and now I'm wondering if being a hopeless romantic dooms you to a lifetime of hopelessness in romance.

With the fantastically active imagination that is my own, I've allowed the powerful love stories from books and films I've consumed over the years to have a role in how I think relationships should play out. Now I haven’t thwarted suitors because the gentleman couldn’t or wouldn’t offer his undying love to me at dawn, in an English meadow, wearing rumpled early 19th century clothing, and looking hotter than hot could ever be. That would be nice, to be sure. Usually it was because they were stupid jerks who couldn't hold a conversation, or maybe make an attempt to get their asses off the couch once in awhile. But I digress. . .

I had said in an earlier posting, that I wasn't going to go the route of the Bridget Jones-esque writers. The female need to constantly brood over the opposite sex just doesn't seem appealing to me. When we're in relationships we're dissecting and analyzing the state of the match. When we're not in relationships, we're wondering why we're not in one. Mighty tedious indeed.

That’s not to say I don't step back and wonder what the hell is going on from time to time. What am I doing wrong? What are they doing wrong? Is the universe against me? Can Oprah help?

And yet each time I come to pretty much the same conclusion. . . . Fuck if I know.

I'm still not convinced that there anything wrong with thinking the one, great and ultimate love of your life will cause the rest of the world to fall away, will see you as you should be seen, and ignore wealthy aunts if she thinks he's marrying below his station to be with you.

Married folks will probably say there's plenty wrong. Because real life is where relationships live. Rational Angie would agree, and knows this is true.

But crazy Angie (who's bigger and stronger and usually wins out) is still holding on to her dreams. She's sorry and asks all you practical people to leave her alone.     



t2ed said...

You're not alone in this madness. Whenever the wife and I are watching tv and something romantic is on, I'll hear sighing coming from her.

I try to fight this with yelling "Pretend" and pointing at the tv, then "Reality" and gesturing around the room.

Yeah, it's not working.

'p' is for profound said...

wow. this seems like such a a sex and the city post! so is crazy angie going to beat me up if i tell her not to believe the things she sees on television because it will never come true the way you've dreamed it to be?

and if it does happen in some sort of variation, rational angie will probably get scared off and think the guy is too needy or clingy and you'll just end up wanting space from him anyway.

i'm just sayin. sorry to be the voice of reason. or the cynical pessimist. whichever you prefer...

angelatee said...

T2ed- it is madness indeed. But if you get her to the nearest English meadow, or better yet a cliff during a rainstorm I'm telling ya, you'll be in real good with Mrs. T2ed

P-I know this is very Sex in the City. My head's been in my ass for while, so seeing that movie made it more so I guess. And don't worry about Crazy Angie. She's at home on disability and on probation so you're ok (kidding). Lastly, I'll blame all this on my mother.

'p' is for profound said...

so how was pride & prejudice? that's one of my favorite books/films. although i'm not sure anyone can do it justice after the one with colin firth...that's my favorite. all 6 hours of it!

Anonymous said...

WHAT and the hell happened to the blog!!! I like crazy Angie.

angelatee said...

anonymous... i know you you are and i'm coming for you! Crazy Angie had a near death experience in Humboldt Park on Saturday and is laying low.

P-I've never seen the Colin Firth version, but I'm going to rent it asap. (the blog will really suck after that!) I really liked this one.

'p' is for profound said...

i own that version. get ready to spend 6 hours of your life watching it...but if you are a fan of p&p, you will love that version too!

t2ed said...

No English meadows, no rumpled 19th century garb.

How 'bout a golf course and plaid shorts as a substitute?