Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fun with my phone

I always vote for the guy who manages to get the most signs up the night before the election. Here's the corner of 18th and Blue Island at 7:30 a.m. today.

And from a distance (and from behind my glasses that are now too weak) these abandoned cowboy boots kind of looked like a pair of severed legs on the sidewalk.

Do you guys think it's like an omen? Like, "she who sees the abandoned cowboy boots will become thrice blessed with riches"? Once when I saw a one-legged pigeon, I wondered the same thing.


Kris said...

They look like severed legs even with my contacts in. Severed, leather legs.

That's not to say I might not have tried to shine them up and see if they could be saved. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet a cowboy got spacenapped by some aliens.

SarahReznor said...

it's coz they're kinda flesh colored - bluch..

and t2ed is probably right...