Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I got your mandate, right here!

Ahhhh, to be a fly on the wall in the White House this morning. But I will not gloat, because I feel their pain.

Twelve years ago I was in Oklahoma City watching the Democrats lose Congress. That damned Bill Clinton was up to no good at the time. What with him trying to reform health care, passing a crime bill that banned cop killer bullets and creating something called community policing, the entire nation was up for grabs. The GOP's three pronged strategy of God, Gays, and Guns had finally taken hold. It was a horrific evening.

The candidate I was working for had lost his shirt big time in a Senate race, and I remember standing aghast in front of the TV watching what was happening across the country. A hot shot DC political consultant was standing behind me.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God," he said almost as if he was watching a mushroom cloud explode before him. He saw my face and tried to console me. "Don't worry, we'll get it back soon."

Soon? Well anyway, they got it back, and they better not piss me off.

Or I'm going to have to start my own party. And I'm taking all you people with me.


Vanderbilt Ignoble said...

If you're starting your own party, then I'm starting one myself. And let's just say I have some "endearing" photographs on my side. Do the words "Nazi druglord eunuch baby-eating X-File fans" mean anything to you?

See you next November.

angelatee said...

That's it Vandie! I'm gonna start working on my platform asap.

And holy fuck! Rummie quit?

SarahReznor said...

i wanna say smtg smart but i know NOTHING of us politics... but i do think you should start your own party though! :)

Justin K. said...

Blogdiggidy should definitely start a new party. Call it the "Keg" Party. Or the "Dance" Party. Or the "Key" Party.