Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The holidays are here, and I think I might be ok

I have a reputation at work for being anti-holiday. We have some new folks here who are asking about holiday parties and gift exchanges, and a coworker who's been around for a while said, "Why you asking her? She's a SCROOGE!"


Sure last year I wrote things on this blog like "I feel like there's a big fat Santa sitting on my chest, jamming candy canes in my eyes," and I also told my subordinates to plan whatever they wanted for a party, tell me who I have to buy for, and I'll show up but want no part of any holiday hullabaloo that lasts for five or six freaking weeks. Was I wrong? I don't think so. The baby Jesus is way too humble to have anyone fawning all over him for more than five days, I say.

So today, I tried to conjure up some anti-holiday acrimony when a newbie brought up Christmas. In spite of myself I started suggesting things like office potlucks and Secret Santas. And when I got an envelope this week in the mail from my sister-in-law containing new school pictures of my nephew and neice Zach Tee and Kaylla Tee, with a note that read: Here's some new pics, hope they aren't bent to shit, see you at Thanksgiving."

I smiled, and thought yes, zany family. I will see you at Thanksgiving.


Sarah Sweeney said...

Anti-holiday? Madam, what about your pumpkin earrings?

angelatee said...

Anti-feel good, religious, everyone needs to be happy holidays. Halloween is creepy and juvenile, St. Patrick's day is an excuse to get really loaded--and they are my two favorites! I do consider Oscar Sunday a holiday, unofficially of course. And I'm fan of Election Day, too!