Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Adios Lavenderia!

You were a kind, reliable amigo.

Without you I wouldn’t have had clean underwear for the last year or so. But it’s time to part ways for I have laundry facilities in my building now.

We had fun, didn’t we? Remember when I played Red Light/Green Light with a few 5-year olds (and a particularly bossy 8-year old girl) while my unmentionables dried? Or how about that time that man practiced his English by reading the Tribune’s business section to me? And I think we were both taken aback when that two-year old showed us how he can pick out unmarked police cars? We were in the mix, you and me.

I’ll stop in once in a while. Really, I will. I’ll always have a rug or two that will need washing. And my duvet is awfully bulky. . .


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Sarah Sweeney said...

Well, summer is over and it's time to move on. Break-ups, always so hard... but I know you and I will be able to live without our respective ex's and find better things on the horizon. My walk to work each morning without the M11 is going splendidly, and I know you'll find love with your new laundromat.

Yes this was a gross promotional blitz of my own blog. Carry on.