Tuesday, September 27, 2005

She-male to peddle U.S. propaganda in the Middle East

Karen Hughes has to be scariest looking broad in America. She terrifies the hell out of me.

Yet somehow she's going to start making nicey nice with the region who hates us the most. They say their beef is with Bush and not the legions of idiots who put him in office (this includes the Democratic party who lost TWICE to a mildly retarded cowboy poser) but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want to come to my place for brunch if I asked.

Talk about being too big for your britches. This administration is good at manipulating the American public, but big fucking whup. . . that ain't tough. Remember the Beanie Baby craze?

Color me dubious on this one. Anyways, um Karen, good luck I guess.


Condi Rice said...

This ridiculous posting is an afront to all women, living and dead.

Just because Ms. Hughes can bench press 400 lbs and needed an special budget appropriation for her Nair expenditures doesn't mean she can't be an effective spokesperson for the great U S of A.

Shame on you!

angelatee said...


it's spelled a-f-f-r-o-n-t

you've been hanging out with Dubya too long.

hooizz said...

isnt condi rice the scariest she-male in america? ha!



Fabian Layland said...

Super work performed.