Friday, September 22, 2006

Finally cleaning out sent email box

And I found these re: lines from messages I've sent. I thought they were funny. As for the content of these messages. . . only their lucky recipients and I will ever know.

And by quirky, I mean wierdo
My uterus
I'm evil
I look and feel like shit today
An unfortunate choice of words
Reason to not have kids, no. 1,754
How can I not sleep with thim when he says. . .
Did you survive?
I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!
I ain't sayin she a homewrecker
This is TMI in the Worst Way, but I can't blog about this and I'm BUSTING!
I'm soooooooo over you
Jobs are for suckers
I see your Afghani and I raise you an Iranian
I'm a moron
I'm retarded
. . . and another thing!
Are you ready to puke?
Good Afternoon, Mr. Tuna


uglinessman said...

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Tuna"

Wasn't that a Kate Bush song?

SarahReznor said...

i'm soooooo over you? dont drink and email!