Monday, September 11, 2006

My observations on part one of "The Road to 9/11"

I know Democrats--particularly Bubba--are fuming over ABC's show. I watched it very carefully last night, and I have some additional issues with the artistic license of the film's creators:

-Was there really a Filipino dude singing "Whoop there it is!" at the Manila nightclub where Ramzi Yousef used to hang out with hookers and make bombs?

-Did Al Qaeda soldiers actually have a jamboree-like party where they shot up a screen broadcasting Bill Clinton talking, and then did Jesse White Tumbler moves through rings of fire?

-The costume design was a little problematic. Does anyone know if Northern Alliance soldiers really wear J.Crew barn jackets? I mean they looked good and all, but I don’t think they’d be warm enough for that climate. And they're pricey, although the film makes a point of establishing the Alliance's penchant for heroin trafficking.

-Playing Madeline Albright as a shrill Mary Kay saleslady? Interesting.

- When CIA agents grabbed the guy hiding out in the Sudanese village, all they had to say was “MICHAEL JORDAN!” to the angry machete-wielding crowd, and they let U.S. operatives take the guy? C'mon.

More tomorrow. . .

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Justin K. said...

Was that Donny Wahlberg? I love it. I was totally mesmerized. I loved the neon nightclub garb and the grinding on the dance floor and when the lady ran into the board room after Nairobi crying and saying "you did this!" to the Wonder Years dad. Priceless!