Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lunchtime scraps

Today the city of Chicago is launching an evacuation drill downtown affecting a few thousand Loop workers and my bus, apparently. The driver on the 60 today (who was driving like a bat out of hell and is now my favorite CTA worker) reminded us that the drill was going to slow things down this evening. And I was like, you’d think we’re supposed to get out of the Loop faster than normal if we’re being evacuated. Badoomboomp.

I completely forgot to buy Vanity Fair yesterday, but saw the Suri pics on this web site. Whoever’s charged with keeping LA demon-free—the Catholic Church, the Power Rangers-who knows—should scour the area looking for a buried jackal, cuz this kid is scary looking. Maybe Tom Cruise’s new movie production plans call for an Omen sequel with Suri in the lead.

On Saturday Marshall Fields will officially become Macy’s. Lots of people are really pissed about this here, and I’m surprised I don’t care much considering I think New York sucks (just kidding). Anyway, all this whining is a little too late. Where were these people when the old school retail experience started to die a long time ago? Like when politicians decided to destroy the unions and started hopping into a $78.67 bed with Wal-Mart? Check out a post from last year on this topic. And I hate shopping.

I was watching a Gilmore Girl rerun on Tuesday and it hit me that maybe I’m missing out on something because I didn’t have a kid at 16 who would now be a Yale freshman running the school paper? Shit. I could have this BFF, we could share clothes, gossip about boys, and engage in witty, rapid fire discourse about the issues of the day. Instead I was just a 34-year-old weary gal just glad to be home on her couch after a long day and a long sales meeting.


t2ed said...

Okay, when the evacuation siren goes off, get your Safety Buddy and everyone in the loop get in a straight line. Please proceed in an orderly fashion toward Wisconsin.

From the fine minds who brought you the Dan Ryan Expressfuckingway (as I like to call it).

They should have tried this during a Bears home game.

And Gilmore Girls? You're killing me. How many men do you know who watch the Girls? You better switch that to a fishing show stat.

Vanderbilt Ignoble said...

I've watched Gilmore Girls on occasion, not for a few years now, though. I felt like I could really get into it if I had the time. That mom is cute.