Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Honestly Mr. President, You Were THAT Hungry?

I could give a shit less that our President used the word "shit" yesterday at the G8. If I was in this man's shoes, the language coming out of my mouth would be so foul, flowers would wilt in my wake. Surprisingly the media is missing the boat yet again, and not surprisingly I have it all figured out.

Please dear reader, I beg you, go to CNN.com and watch the entire clip if you haven't seen it yet. The edited version aired on network and local TV last night does not do this justice.

What you'll see is this: a man so annoyed that his lunch is being interrupted, and so bothered by Prime Minister Blair's questions about THE WORLD HOVERING ON THE BRINK OF FUCKING DISASTER that he can't put his goddamned food down for a moment and talk to his coalition-of-the-willing BFF.

A conversation between intimates? Hardly. Bush was frustrated, cutting Blair off at every turn with Blair struggling to get a coherent response out of the leader of the free world. It was like watching a parent or teacher trying to explain something to child. Painful.

Some closing thoughts. One, I hope Bush staffers learn from this and carry some snacks around for this tool. Some goldfish maybe? A couple of luncheables or power bars? I don't know what he likes, but he really needs to be able to move on this stuff whether or not his tummy is rumbling. And two, since we live in an increaslingly insane world where up is down and a retarded man can be elected President, I'm awfully close to chucking the whole "I must pay attention to the world" thing and just focus on beer, hooking up, and finding a new couch.


Anonymous said...

Bush rules.

t2ed said...

How 'bout him chewing with his mouth open. The cursing, meh. But eating like you're a slack-jawed bumpkin?

Of course, maybe that's because he's a slack-jawed bumpkin.

SarahReznor said...

it's true what they say - the middle east brings ou the best in people...

Tank said...

i'm betting he snacks on fruit rollups and frozen capri sun. his secret service guys carry them in a brown paper bag.