Friday, July 28, 2006

Who does a girl have to fuck to get some blog traffic around here?

Little known Angie Tee fact: I was a published author at the age of six.

In first grade my original story, "The Sandwich That Talked," appeared in some bulletin at Lincoln School in Oglesby, Illinois. The brief though high concept piece chronicled the life of a sandwich that when given the chance to speak, did infact, not want to be eaten.

I was an amazingly gifted child or maybe I was just hungry. Who knows. But the seed for writing was planted.

Like anyone, I wanted to be a million different things growing up: doctor, teacher, archeologist, President, artist, taxidermist, etc. But as I got older it all centered on figuring out a way to let people know what I thought about stuff. There were a lot of stops and starts over the years--journalism school, weak attempts at chick lit, and something that vaguely resembled about five pages of a screenplay.

And then came the blogging thing. And I likes. Do I think I'm an F. Scott Fitzgerald or something because I spew nonsense on this site from time to time? Absolutely.

Seriously friends, we all know a ton of crap makes it into print and onto movie screens all the time. Unfunny, unimaginative crap. Frequently talent seems to be an afterthought. If I was a struggling screenwriter in LA, I would have blown my brains out the moment that movie about the remote control opened.

I'm just saying.

So I've decided that since I'm the girl who wrote a fucking talking sandwich story at the tender age of six, I ain't begging a soul to publish me. I'll keep blogging and working on my super secret Operation Make Angie a Star.

Part of phase one is this comedy writing class at The Second City I'm starting Monday night. At the end of the program I guess we write our own show and cast actors to perform it. At that point, I will beseech all of you to come and see it.

And you in Nova Scotia, you can sleep over at my place, ok?


Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

Traffic? Comes and goes. Blog-wise, rely upon nothing for gratification. I do it for my own fun. Sometimes the people ignore, sometimes they laud me. The few moments I allowed outside circumstances to influence my ego value, I turned into a gibbering fool. Cured myself quickly of that vice.

As for the writing dream, go for it and good luck.

oneslackmartian said...

Okay, that post title made me spit milk out my nose.

Anonymous said...

OK enough of the potty mouth.

t2ed said...

I can't believe you stole my idea about the talking sandwich.

I've had that idea for a tv show for years. His name is Hammy and he's going to solve mysteries with the Pope and a chimp.

Yeah, Fox picked up the pilot for next fall.

See you in court.

Nick said...

you should have seen what I did to get blog traffic. I still have to gargle.

angelatee said...

Bottle Rocket-You're right, it's hard to self gratify with the blog only. I've been looking to other things as well.

One slack--that is PRECISELY what I was going for! Yippee!

Anon-shut the fuck up

T2ed-The chimp would eat Hammy. How would you deal with that?

Nick-baby, If you need to talk about it, email me OK? No one should have to deal with that alone.

Thanks boys!

t2ed said...

Actually the chimp, Sammy, initially tries to eat Hammy but the Pope uses sign language to talk him out it and Sammy converts to vegetarianism.

It's a very special episode of "Hammy, Sammy and Benny" when Sammy goes undercover as a high priced call girl.

jay said...

I like the potty mouth! I'll make sure I check you out from time to time: I found you through
Take care, byeybeyjay

Matt said...