Thursday, February 22, 2007

Will Barack and Hilary destroy the loving artistic community that is Hollywood?

As a movie lover and proud consumer of celebrity gossip, I'm quite worried about how the Democratic presidential primary might tear Hollywood apart.

They're choosing sides already. Jennifer Aniston likes her some Obama, which means Brangelina will have to go with Hillary. David Geffen is making no bones about his disdain for the slippery Clintons. I'm even reading the name "Jackson Browne" in the news, a name I haven't seen since the guy was knocking ol' Darryl Hannah around. Publicists are likely tripping over themselves to get their charges on one team or the other. This primary could be the new Darfur spotlight grab. This primary could even be the new don't-wear-your-undies-and-flash-your-beaver spotlight grab.

It's all too much, too soon.

And it reminds me of a story I heard in junior high. During a study hall in the media center, a boy I had a little crush on told me about a great schism that had once divided his large group of friends in the 5th grade. Someone had introduced cigarettes to the mix.While a few boys decided to give them a try, others refused.

The great Smokers vs. The Non-Smoker battles of 1982 had begun. For a week or so, Jimmy said the Smokers and the Non-Smokers would meet after school at a nearby field and fight. Thankfully, they all came to their senses soon enough and remembered what they had in common:

A love for Led Zepplin and 5th grade girls.