Friday, February 02, 2007

Ya don't see this in the suburbs

If I wasn't scared and frozen (it's -7 degrees today with the windchill) solid I would have taken a picture.

Imagine if you will, walking toward your bus stop and hearing a crazy man yelling in the middle of a million pigeons. Then as you get closer, said crazy man begins walking in your direction. In his left hand is a dead pigeon with its entrails hanging out. As you say "Fuck!" and veer as far to the left as you can without jumping into traffic, he says, confused, "I just like birds is all."


MHP :) said...


The city is full of strange things...and I love it so much!!

P.S. For some bizarre reason, I like the WGN news in the morning, too. Those people are a bit nuts. *grin*

-Miss Healthypants :)

t2ed said...

And apparently he likes birds served tartar.

You'd think the other pigeons would eventually learn to beware their only predator-- the crazy man.

SarahReznor said...

yeah, suffed with wild mushrooms and served with fresh peas...